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Nuclear careers appeal to energy professionals

Growing opportunities within the nuclear sector are proving appealing, as 95% of built environment professionals state that they would consider retraining in order to land a job in nuclear.

The research from specialist built-environment job site,, follows reports from the IPPR (Institute for Public Policy Research) which suggest that building 10 new reactors in the UK could create between 16,250 and 21,250 additional jobs, proving the potential of nuclear energy to drive career opportunities.

Professional’s interest in the nuclear sector could be due to the prospect of these upcoming recruitment opportunities. Indeed, professionals cited high demand for new talent as a key reason to break into the sector (49%), alongside perceptions that a career in nuclear would provide a high salary (39%).

Perhaps as a result of these positive attributes, graduates too could be drawn to the energy sector by its positive prospects, and 55% of professionals believe that nuclear is likely to be seen as an attractive industry by graduates. 

Rob Searle, Commercial Director, stated: “With plans to introduce new plants coming to fruition, this industry has the potential to become a huge driver for job growth within the UK, and more specifically the built environment. To prepare for an imminent boost in vacancies, it’s important professionals are aware of the skills and qualifications which will be needed to work in one of these lucrative positions.”


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