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Synergie - Results for the first half of 2013

Synergie - Results for the first half of 2013

Half-yearly turnover of &euro703.6 million

In the first half of 2013, SYNERGIE generated a consolidated turnover of &euro703.6 million, virtually identical relative with the same period in 2012. The International growth (2.2% over H1), combined with the clear resistance seen in France (-2.7%) within a declining market (-11% according to the “Prisme”) contributed to this excellent result.

The Group (600 agencies in France and abroad) therefore continues to outperform all of its markets on the basis of its innovative offers: OpenCentres, Tertiary and High Tech job agencies, Global Cross Sourcing (international secondment of skills), hyper-specialisation in aeronautics with

Turnover: &euro703.6 million

Current operating income: &euro25.4 million

Net earnings: &euro11.1 million

Improved profitability

In the 1st half of 2013, SYNERGIE posted an operating income with a net improvement, notably thanks to the leverage generated by the foreign subsidiaries, in particular Belgium, Germany and Italy, with the share of the International turnover now being equal to 43% of the consolidated turnover.

In France, the impact of the investments carried out in 2012 (opening of OpenCentres, strengthening of the skills, launch of new agencies), thanks to certain government support measures, made it possible to partly increase the margins, while also making major investments in training. As such, the Group's current operating income stands at &euro25.4 million, with net earnings of &euro11.1 million.

A solid financial structure

On 30 June 2013, the shareholders equity exceeded &euro200 million, thereby providing SYNERGIE with the means needed for its development strategy. The internal financing capacity remains on a very good level (&euro17.3 million).

Favourable prospects

The Group's turnover hit an historical high as of the end of July of this year, within a promising environment for its activities. Building on its performances and financial solidity, SYNERGIE is actively pursuing its negotiations for external growth projects on the International stage, in keeping with its strategic plan that has been on-going for 2 years.


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