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The Darwin Spartans raise 1,400 for SNAP.

The Darwin Spartans raise &pound1,400 for SNAP.

A recruitment team at Darwin fought a muddy battle to raise money for children in need.

A crack team at Darwin Recruitment faced the race of a lifetime to raise funds for SNAP, an Essex based charity that supports families with children and young people who have special needs and disabilities.

The Spartan Sprint race is set over 3 miles of thick mud complete with an obstacle assault course and is not for the faint hearted. Scrapes and bruises are part and parcel of the slow and painful journey towards the finish line, but the Darwin mud lovers successfully completed the challenge, raising &pound1,365 for the Children which will go towards helping them use IT.

Paul Kirby, CEO and Joint Founder, Darwin Recruitment said “I am extremely proud of the Darwin Team. They all made it to the finish line which was a massive achievement. Everyone who took part trained for a number of weeks so that we could raise money to fund technology groups for children and young people with special needs and disabilities at the SNAP Centre.” Buoyed on by their Darwin colleagues, early finishers came in 4th and 5th in just over the hour. 

 “We send our immense thanks to the Darwin Spartans for their heroic efforts and to everyone at Darwin who supported this event.  A fantastic &pound1,400 has been raised which is still growing. The money will help us to fund groups for our children” says Hilary Needham, Manager of SNAP.

 Money is still coming in and updates will be posted to the Darwin website.


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