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The top four strategies UK engineering must copy from Germany

The top four strategies UK engineering must copy from Germany to solve its people crisis

A new analysis of the engineering sector in both the UK and Germany has revealed that the UK must copy Germany’s recruitment approach in order to not only alleviate the current people crisis, but also prevent further talent shortages.

According to the research, which was carried out by specialist technology recruiter European Recruitment, the strategies are:

•             Adopting a long term talent attraction strategy: Unlike the UK, Germany’s engineering sector has historically taken a long term approach to its talent acquisition strategies. The UK must forget its short term policy of only taking action to fill skills gaps when they present themselves.

•             Not adopting a & lsquo;boom or bust’ approach to recruitment:  What appears to have worked well for German engineering firms is their commitment to hire in times of both austerity and prosperity. The UK must move towards this or continue to face a people crisis.

•             Equipping employees with not only technical skills, but also commercial acumen:  Educational institutions play a pivotal role in developing the commercial skills of Germany’s workforce.  ESMT European School of Management and Technology in Berlin, for example, has recently launched a Master’s in Management aimed at providing graduates with, not only the technical skills they require for their job, but also business acumen and international orientation. Students are also offered an internship as part of the course to secure on the job training. UK universities should follow suit. 

•             Develop and maintain a strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP): Germany’s Siemens, for example, has spent decades devising a strong EVP to not only attract staff, but also retain them on a long term basis.  By training its people the & lsquo;Siemens way’, and offering strong development opportunities, the company has the very best talent in the engineering space.

Commenting on the analysis, European Recruitment’s managing director David Wicks says:

“Our analysis of both engineering sectors clearly shows that UK companies and education establishments need to mirror the strategies that have been prevalent in Germany for so many decades.  The UK education system is home to many talented STEM professionals however for too long it has got talent acquisition strategies wrong. This has resulted in an exodus of talent to foreign firms that offer top rate opportunities.  If we are to position UK engineering organisations as attractive propositions for engineers, and alleviate the talent shortages facing this sector, action needs to be taken before it is too late”.


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