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Cloud-based expansion by HireVue

HireVue has expanded its cloud-based talent interaction platform.

The digital recruiting provider’s platform includes new offerings that help employers rapidly source top talent, evaluate candidates’ skills, and enhance the onboarding process for new employees.

These capabilities augment the company’s popular screening and digital interviewing applications.

The HireVue Talent Interaction Platform also benefits candidates and employees by better enabling them to have a voice, tell their story and demonstrate their abilities – at their own convenience.

In addition, the company announced that it has partnered with Sequoia Capital and raised $25 million with participation from Kickstart Fund and existing investors. Mickey Arabelovic will represent Sequoia on the HireVue board.

“Hiring and retaining great people is probably the single most important thing a company can do. But it's also really hard and time consuming,” said Mickey Arabelovic, partner at Sequoia Capital.

He added, “Successive generations of HR systems have automated the hiring and talent management processes, but they've also sapped the soul out of them. HireVue uses technology to put people back in the spotlight. We believe in HireVue’s vision of interpersonal interactions and are excited to be partners with them in building the next generation of HR technology.”


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