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Contributors for Singapore feature wanted

In the December edition of Recruitment International magazine we will be celebrating its launch into ASIA by publishing an in-depth article on Singapore focused on the recruitment companies that operate in the country. This is your invitation to participate in this exciting feature.

Extensive Coverage:

The printed magazine will be sent out to all 4,000 regular readers in the UK and will also be available in digital format. Positioned in a prominent position on the Home Page the digital version of RI is already accessed by over 25,000 readers each month. In November the publication will also be available on the home page of the stand-alone RI ASIA website generating even more traffic and response.


To be a part of the feature you are invited to answer one of the following questions. Your answer should be no more than 100 words and if possible please send along a .jpg picture of the person making the quote and/or your company logo. These submissions are free.

Question 1

Why is Singapore such a strategic and important country for recruitment?

Question 2

What are the latest trends and innovations that you are offering in Singapore?

Question 3

What sectors of recruitment are particularly exciting and why?

Question 4

What are your expansion plans for the Country and the region?

Question 5

How is your business performing and what are the issues you face?

The deadline for submissions is 5pm on Friday 15th October 2013. All entries should be supplied in Word format, alongside a high resolution (ideally no less than 300dpi) jpeg image and emailed to

We are also researching into who the Top100 Recruitment Companies are in Singapore. Based on the revenue that you bill in Singapore only – please tell us what your turnover will be for this year?

Please email this to


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