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Employers may be missing the best people

Employers may be missing out on some of the most suitable candidates simply because they are not prepared to wait for renewal of accreditations, warns recruitment and training specialist Bromak.

The built environment consultancy has identified that increasing numbers of employers are disregarding candidates whose certification in areas such as health and safety, first aid and asbestos awareness have expired.

Instead, employers are often thinking for the short-term and deciding in favour of applicants who are able to begin work immediately.

Now Bromak is issuing a clear message to employers: “Don’t miss out on the best candidates for the sake of what might be a one day training course.”

Managing director of Bromak, Dave Brooks, said: “Naturally, employers are keen to appoint staff as quickly as possible but there are excellent candidates who are not being considered purely because their certification has expired. Just because an individual has up-to-date accreditation does not necessarily make them the best person for the job.

“Due to the tenuous nature of the jobs market, many people in the industry are understandably reluctant to renew their tickets before they find new employment or may have let their certification lapse while being self-employed or working outside of construction. Others might simply be unaware of the particular certification required in some specialist sectors of the construction industry.

“If the strongest candidate has an expired ticket, the long term benefits of waiting an extra week or two for them to renew it far outweighs any temporary inconvenience, particularly when it comes to employing at a more senior level. That’s why we’re urging employers to plan ahead when recruiting, judge applicants on their overall merit and not to recruit based on how quickly they can start work and whether or not their certification is up to date.

“The market conditions are definitely improving and skills shortages in some areas are already appearing. Being better organised and more open minded when recruiting is going to be more necessary if you are going to find the best people with the right experience and right attributes for your business.”

Bromak can provide funding to retrain and accredit candidates in a matter of weeks, and also offers refresher training as part of the recruitment process. Clients working across both recruitment and training can benefit from this service at no extra cost to themselves as Bromak can often pay for the training initially and spread the cost with the candidate over a number of weeks or months to make it more affordable.

Bromak, which works with major UK contractors, developers, local authorities and housing associations, is the only recruitment consultancy in its sector with CITB accreditation to deliver Construction Skills training.


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