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Groupe - Crit report Q3 results

Sales up 9.2 %

Increase of over 40 % internationally

In &euro million ( unaudited figures)

                                                              2013                                     2012                      change

1st quarter                                         334.5                                     350.3                     -4.5 %

2th quarter                                       391.2                                      385.8                     1.4 %

3rd quarter                                       423.9                                     388.1                     9.2 %

The third quarter confirms the improvement in activity observed in recent months. Over the period, the sales rose 9.2% to &euro 423.9 million ( 5.3% at constant scope) The return to growth in France is at the heart of this excellent performance with a turnover of &euro 338.8 million , up 3.5%. International strengthens its dynamics with a turnover of &euro 85.2 million , up 40.5 % ( 15.1% at constant scope).

Cumulatively , sales for the first nine months amounted to &euro 1 149.6 million , up 2.3%. Temporary employment and recruitment : 10% increase in turnover. The temporary work division and recruitment, sales for the third quarter increased 10 % to &euro 355.6 million .

Return to growth in France

The third quarter was marked by a return to growth in France with a turnover of &euro 281.9 million , an increase of 3.7% , well above market developments still fall in period . This growing market share demonstrates the group's ability to enjoy the recovery in demand thanks to the relevance of the sector positions of territorial coverage and diversification of its client portfolio .

44% increase in international

Outside France, revenue for the third quarter amounted to &euro 73.7 million , up 43.8%. In the United States, the Group continues to develop in a very favourable market and posted revenue sales up 66% ( 21.4 % at constant scope and exchange rates). Multiservice centre : another quarter of growth. The multi- centre realizes a turnover of &euro 73.4 million in the 3rd quarter , up 5.8%. In the airport , the business grew by 6.7% to &euro 55.1 million . France as internationally, contribute to this good performance. In France , despite the air traffic still penalized by the environment, the turnover the third quarter rose 3.2 %. All indicators are green internationally with a number sales up 22.6%. This successful quarter reinforces the Group's confidence in the outlook for the coming months, both terms of growth and increased profitability .



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