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HotLizard launches cloud-based solution

Is your corporate careers portal mobile and social media friendly?

Technology always seems to be moving at a rapid pace, but in recent months the buzz topics for recruitment websites – including corporate portals, have been centred on ensuring that there is a mobile platform available that is device adaptive and that social media is fully integrated.

Initially these seemed as though they were simply nice to have features, but over the past few months the value that these can add has really started to be realised. Having a device adaptive mobile platform is a vital part of the candidate’s user experience (UX), where 1 billion job searches are done per month on mobile devices1. The searches that are carried out on mobile devices are part of the candidate application journey, which now often includes a mobile phone / tablet device as well as a conventional laptop / PC. With such a high volume of searches being carried out on mobile devices, it is now seen that corporate career portals cannot afford not to be a part of this development. This isn’t just a trend, it is the here and now of candidate attraction.

Delivering an improved candidate UX is the essence of streamlining any recruitment process, including looking at the basics such as reducing the number of clicks within the application journey.  Being able to deliver a mobile friendly solution is imperative, where at HotLizard we have also seen an increased demand for mobile platforms, but a reduced focus on the requirement for dedicated mobile Apps. All corporate careers portals are developed with the focus of delivering return on investment, where the ultimate return is increasing the volume of traffic, whilst also increasing the quality of candidates. A mobile platform delivers on this, an App’s cost to develop requires a much higher ROI therefore is harder to justify.

HotLizard have seen a number of developments within the software industry and changes across the recruitment sector and have combined these to develop a cloud based recruitment website solution that provides a cost effective and fully functional recruitment website / career’s portal. In essence, a careers portal needs to deliver a first class candidate UX, as does a conventional recruitment website. Recruiter Sites allows for the same features and functionality that the recruitment agencies benefit from, but to be customised via the built in settings to look and feel as though they are part of the corporate careers portal. Enabling this cloud based solution to sit behind a sub domain such as creating a coherent user experience that this is all one website and complete with a mobile platform that is also branded accordingly.

It isn’t just the mobile aspect that is imperative, it is all the social media that can be integrated into the website such as:

•             Apply via LinkedIn

•             Register / Login via LinkedIn / Facebook

•             Follow us on Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn

•             Sharing across 339 social media networks via AddThis

Utilising all these social media options ensures that your SEO rankings improve, where Google is now taking social media into account and allows you to raise the profile of your corporate careers portal by driving all the traffic back to your website.

As there is a larger focus on ROI, Hotlizard have developed this solution that can be used to deliver an effective careers portal with prices starting at &pound99 per month.



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