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Jobseekers visit job boards before other methods

In a recent survey by TipTopJob, it was found that most jobseekers would visit a "job board" in the first instance when looking for a new job.

The survey asked 847 jobseekers where they would go first when looking for a new job.  28% of respondents said "job boards", highlighting how job boards have become more common place in today's jobseeker market and more well-known given that jobseekers visit them directly. 

27% said they would visit a "search engine" first which of course may lead to a jobseeker then finding a job board but also other methods like job aggregators or recruitment agencies.

16% of jobseekers would go to a "recruitment agency" first, 14% would go "direct" and 4% would use their "friends or acquaintance network".

Mike Dauncey of TipTopJob comments, "Interestingly, 10% said they would use "social media" in the first place. Although social media is not the most obvious place to go to look for a new job, it will become more mainstream in the future (especially in the younger generation) as more recruiters and direct clients use the social networks to advertise and recruit and as people use the social media sites to network about potential roles amongst friends and acquaintances."


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