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ManpowerGroup Solutions launches Language Services

ManpowerGroup, the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, today launched ManpowerGroup Solutions Language Services, a leading global provider of translation, localization and content management services. Designed to help clients inform business decisions and successfully navigate the ambiguities of the global economy, ManpowerGroup Solutions Language Services ensures consistent understanding and alignment through "common" language by leveraging a culturally relevant, local voice.

Accurate and localized communication makes the difference in aligning people with organizations' objectives and driving business results. ManpowerGroup Solutions Language Services combines more than 25 years of industry experience and capability in 150 languages. Ranking among the top 10 language service providers in the world, ManpowerGroup Solutions Language Services integrates into one offering the unique strengths and competencies of three established industry providers - Global Content Solutions, QT and TVcN - with delivery centers in the United States, Israel and the Netherlands. It offers clients access to a broad bench of linguistic expertise by leveraging the world's best language talent and the latest in global communication technologies.

"In today's globalized and interconnected marketplace, it is critical for organizations to effectively execute their strategies both globally and at local levels to achieve business goals," said Norman Newton, leader of ManpowerGroup Solutions Language Services — Americas. "Our expertise in creating culturally relevant, localized content and user experiences across the globe helps our clients succeed."

ManpowerGroup Solutions Language Services' unmatched access to global language resources helps clients navigate these contextual challenges by effectively and accurately sharing information across networks to drive consistent messages worldwide, and to ensure locally relevant and globally aligned execution.

"In today's global marketplace, one size does not fit all. One of the most expensive mistakes that organizations can make is failing to clarify what is expected of their people. How leaders communicate and the words they choose can make a huge difference in achieving business outcomes," said Shulamit Gilan, leader of ManpowerGroup Solutions Language Services — Israel. "Leaders cannot ignore cultural and linguistic differences if they want to drive better financial results. In fact, they must not only embrace, but leverage these differences to help people truly understand and internalize what they hear to achieve organizational goals."

As a global leader in one the world's top 10 fastest growing industries, clients turn to ManpowerGroup Solutions to help them navigate the complexities of the global economy and avoid making these costly mistakes. With ManpowerGroup Solutions' expertise, organizations from diverse industries and functions, including highly specialized and niche sectors, can be assured that their messages are heard and understood, and their people are aligned behind objectives.

ManpowerGroup Solutions Language Services' offerings range from global language strategy development and content creation, translation, interpretation and localization, to content management and user experience design. By focusing on clients' unique needs and leveraging language, cultural and contextual differences, ManpowerGroup Solutions Language Services' clients are not only heard, but most importantly, they increase the clarity of their communications to drive better financial results.


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