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NowWeComply opens online Apps & Services store

The leading online compliance automation specialist will add to its core service its core service though the online store.

The store enables NowWeComply subscribers to add new features at the click of a button to tailor the service to suit their particular business or operational environment.

It is good news for organisations in areas such as recruitment, health and social care, the rail sector and construction industries, banking and financial services - all of which are facing the prospect of significantly more challenging compliance regulation in the coming months.

"NowWeComply Apps & Services make it easy to boost overall capability, reliability and performance with simple tools that do specific tasks brilliantly for you," says Ben Stoneham of NowWeComply,

With Apps & Services, customers can plug in smart new risk-reducing tools, add simple productivity-enhancing widgets, and enhance integration with their other systems through a simple click-to-install process.

Users can find dozens of new ways to extend and tailor NowWeComply's capabilities with apps from a host of specialist service providers and developers worldwide – as well as NowWeComply itself.

Many of these are low cost or even free to use. And all will plug-in seamlessly to NowWeComply’s core automated features such as record-keeping, audit reporting, document management, progress tracking and scheduling communications and reminders.

As Ben Stoneham explains, it's the little things that can make all the difference. "What people really need are simple tools that work the way they do, and do the work so they don't have to," he says. “With Apps & Services we don’t limit customers to one particular way of doing things. Automation and choice are what it's all about.”

The store is launching with dozens of apps and services that save time, eliminate human error and - crucially - generate digital evidence to prove compliance for audit purposes or to defend a claim.

Apps include over 120 automated data validation apps to check personal ID, address details and licence/certification formats and much more - plus exciting new tools for digitised call-recording, automated web-checks to check workers’ professional credentials, e-signing and instant document scanning with fraud-detection tools.

More apps will be released into the store on an ongoing basis, including third party expert services which users may find valuable, for instance, when conducting business overseas.

The store is integrated into NowWeComply's user interface, making it easy to browse, select and install new apps or services.

"It is super-simple to use: all it takes is the click of a button and NowWeComply does the rest - and you are instantly good to go with your new app," said Stoneham.



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