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Oakleaf HRJI reveals increase in new job mandates

The index measures all job orders registered with the Firm throughout the period by industry sector groupings. 

 Quarter on Quarter, there was growth in all sectors:

•             Financial Services  46%

•             Professional Services  46%

•             Industry & Commerce 34%.

Within Industry & Commerce we have witnessed a growth in new mandates across the majority of sectors, notably FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Engineering and Retail.  The Energy and Construction sectors showed a slight decline over the period.

Year-on-year HR job growth has been significant:

•             Financial Services  87%

•             Professional Services  73%

•             Industry and Commerce  90%

CEO, Nicola Grimshaw commented, “These numbers reflect significantly increased level of confidence about current and future trading conditions. Hiring is arising from the growth of HR teams (as opposed to simply replacement hiring), the demands of ongoing HR transformation programmes and greater activity in SME businesses. Over the last quarter, we have also seen greater levels of confidence from our candidate pool, with an increased willingness to move roles.   However, we are also witnessing (for the first time in 5 years) multiple candidate job offers as well as client “buy backs” post resignation, suggesting a return to a more “candidate-driven” market.   The volume of HR recruitment is often a barometer of the health of the broader economy: we remain cautiously optimistic that UK plc is enjoying more stability/confidence, leading to increased demand for quality HR professionals.’ 


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