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Randstad launches marketing platform

The launch was marked by a London film premiere hosted by Carla Buzasi, UK editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post.

The website is a hub for a series of inspiring films from candidates who work in a range of business sectors, from civil engineering and education to nursing and finance. & lsquo;How I Became’ is a platform for successful candidates to pass on advice to future job seekers, and everyone is invited to upload their own film offering one piece of advice.

Mike Stevenson, marketing director of Randstad UK said, “We believe our most credible advocates are the high-flying candidates we help to find professional success, and & lsquo;How I Became’ is inspired by their stories.  Each candidate film offers a piece of advice designed to help other people on their path to professional fulfilment.  The films are designed to motivate and support everyone to become more fulfilled at work and & lsquo;How I Became’ will also encourage employees to participate in sharing their story with others.”

The launch took place at the Kings Place art gallery in London’s Kings Cross and included & lsquo;An Audience With Alain De Botton’.

The celebrated contemporary philosopher and writer was chosen to launch the campaign following the extensive research he undertook on job satisfaction ahead of the publication of his best-selling book, & lsquo;The Pleasures & Sorrows of Work’.

The & lsquo;How I Became’ hub is also hosting & lsquo;Becoming Me’, a documentary commissioned by Randstad to launch & lsquo;How I Became’ created by BAFTA winning director Ben Anthony (BAFTA Winner 2013 – Single Documentary, & lsquo;One Day In London’).  The film features four people who found the perfect role for themselves, in the ideal job in a series of revealing, incisive interviews revealing the twists and turns in their changing careers.

Stevenson added, “The central theme of the & lsquo;Becoming Me’ is that the key to job satisfaction is to follow your passions – but that doesn’t mean that the road to perfection is always straight.  Finding the right job is hugely important and yet so many of us never do. So how do the top 15% who have managed it, get to that point?  And what were the decisive moments along the way?  The film aims to challenge viewers’ preconceptions as the interviewees recount their realisations and right and wrong moves, until the roles that ultimately suit the candidates best, is finally revealed.”

Randstad also unveiled its latest research report into key issues surrounding professional fulfilment – issues that have divided management theorists for decades – including the effect gender and age have on job satisfaction.  The report, & lsquo;Fulfilment@Work’ also investigated levels of professional fulfilment in other countries across the globe.  In research carried out over the course of three years Randstad have tracked job satisfaction levels internationally, interviewing approximately 45,000 employees across Europe, North America, and Australia-Asia.

Stevenson commented, “Randstad has a history of promoting and supporting good employment practice via serious research and & lsquo;Fulfilment@Work’ carries on that tradition.  We have looked at professional fulfilment in depth, examining the associated trends over time and across continents.  It’s given us a very clear picture of fulfilment in the UK’s workplaces.  The findings demonstrated how fulfilled some industries are here in the UK – with IT topping the table and HR close behind.  But the report also offered employers facing fulfilment challenges some simple, practical advice to make existing workers more fulfilled – as well as ways to improve fulfilment via new hires at a later stage.”


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