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Recruitment apprenticeship scheme launched

Created in early 2013, the scheme is currently sending the first cohorts through its Technical Certificate in the Principles of Recruitment Practice.

Jo Gregory, director of training at the Institute of Recruitment (IOR), which is delivering the knowledge element of the training, said, “We are seeing some really bright, talented people coming through into the industry. This is an amazing route to entry for talented individuals who may not have considered a career in recruitment before.”

The apprenticeship is part of the first stage of the IOR’s new career pathways launched for Agency Recruitment, Internal Recruitment and HR, to help to raise industry standards. Gregory says, “We would encourage any recruitment agency that is looking to bring new talent into their Business, to consider a recruitment apprentice.”

Azmat Mohammed, the IOR’s director general, added, “Our superb apprenticeship learner pack goes far beyond the minimum standard required. We are committed to providing the best apprenticeship learning experience within the industry and we have worked with national partners to attract new talent into recruitment.”

Expedient Training Consultancy was part of an industry-wide stakeholder group closely involved in the consultation and development of the qualification. Director Paul Deen believes the qualifications mark a milestone in how recruiters are trained, “We are working with hundreds of recruitment agencies of differing sizes who have found it difficult to provide internal or formal training structures. This is the first time within the recruitment industry that training practice is accredited and attracting government funding.”

The new apprenticeship presents itself as a cost-effective option for the industry as the funding allows wages to be lower than the national minimum.

A recent recruit commented, “I started my apprenticeship in May this year and I have already gained certificates in maths and English. My assessor comes in every month and guides me through the qualification with my manager. I have just started my webinar training and am looking forward to these, which will give me real industry knowledge.”

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