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ReThink Energy drives employability training for Angolan nationals

ReThink Energy is providing free training to support government Angolanisation targets.

With the Angolan Government reaffirming its commitment to getting more local talent into employment and rebuilding the education system, employers and jobseekers alike are facing numerous challenges.

In response to local content targets and the subsequent challenges, ReThink Energy – a specialist oil and gas recruitment consultancy - has developed a series of free training courses designed to help job-seekers gain employment in the industry and enable good career progression once employed.

Nearly 40 local professionals attended the first event which was sponsored by MTL Ltd, the organisation that manages MINPET sponsored students educating in Europe & North America.  The workshop covered three core modules: CV writing, pre-interview preparation and interviewing techniques.

Alan Darling, Practice Manager at ReThink Energy commented on this new initiative, “The government commitment to addressing this skills gap by rebuilding the school system will go a long way to assist this fast growing economy. However, it’s the responsibility of those global organisations in Angola to assist the current workforce and bring more local talent on board.”

 “Over time we hope to not only help in increasing the number of local nationals in employment in the oil industry, but also to assist people already in employment with their career progression.  The lack of Angolans in supervisory and management positions is notable, we hope our training will also enable career development into these more senior positions.”

The event was well received with one delegate commenting afterwards that “the training was much appreciated and will be valuable in helping me break through the barriers I face in my career.” Another attendee went on to say that through these courses “ReThink Energy is helping to build a new future for talent in the country.”

Darling also noted that, “In order to ensure Angolan students educating abroad return home and gain employment, we must provide them with sufficient skills to do so”

Under decree-law 20/823 and the & lsquo;Angolanisation’ targets, companies engaged in the oil and gas sector are obliged to employ 70% of their staff from the Angolan community to create a more balanced local and expat workforce.

Despite the long civil war ending over 10 years ago, the educational systems in Angola are still being developed and therefore the numbers of suitable potential employees has been, and remains, limited.  In response, the international businesses operating in the oil market have relied on expat resources to provide the required skills.  The authorities in more recent times have become more insistent of companies hitting the local content requirements and are making obtaining expat work visas far more difficult to obtain.

A further event will take place for Angolan nationals studying in London in November, with another event to be held in Angola in January.

For more information on these workshops or to sponsor future events, contact Alan Darling:

ReThink Energy specialise in assisting companies in the Angolan oil industrywith their local content issues, supplying skilled Angolan nationals as permanent staff.


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