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S-Pool ahead of financial goals

S-Pool has announced its forecast of net sales in 2013 to be &pound33.7 million (Y 5,262 million) and its forecast of ordinary income to be &pound423.5 million (Y66 million) in 2013. This represents an increase of &pound2m and &pound237.5 million respectively on 2012.

Net income was forecast at &pound320.5 million (Y 50m), an increase of &pound128 million (Y 20 million) on 2012.

Sohei Urakami, chairman of the board, said that the results for the second quarter were ahead of plan and its original business policies would be unchanged.

Urakami stated, “We will continue to pursue proactive expansionary strategies in growth areas and remain focused on enhancing earning power. In regard to the employment support services for job seekers with disabilities and in logistics outsourcing, which emerged as the main sources of first-half earnings, we will make concentrated investments in pursuit of further business growth. For logistics outsourcing, steps are under way to establish in the third quarter our No. 2 Center in the Kanto suburbs, in order to commit efforts to expand forwarding agent services for internet-based mail-order sales.

“Also, concerning employment support services for job seekers with disabilities, since we were able to complete the acquisition of additional land, with a view to further contributions to earnings this fiscal year, we will engage in working to establish two new service points, a new farm and a job transition support facility for job seekers with disabilities within the fourth quarter.”

She added, “Furthermore, in personnel leasing services, we will focus on creating brawny organization structures and pursue expertise in our services with a view to promote future business growth. Additionally, we will work to provide a firm grounding for earnings from the newly established decontamination operations and merchandising services.”


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