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Singapore's Ministry of Manpower finds training still a priority

A report from the Singapore Ministry of Manpower has found the majority of employers continued to provide structured training to their employees in 2012, despite the tight labour market. Employer Supported Training 2012 found 71 per cent of private companies offered such training to their employees – a level which was unchanged from 2010 and comparable to the high of 72 per cent in 2005 and 2006.

In terms of who received training it appears the professional roles, managers, executives and technicians declined from 63 per cent to 59 per cent between 2010 and 2012 as did clerical, sales and service workers – from 54 per cent to 51 per cent over the same time. However, production and transport operators, cleaners and labourers made a 1.8 per cent gain in training – a result of government led initiatives such as the Workforce Training Support Scheme.

MPUOUTNOW Reassuringly employers reported that training undertaken in 2012 had benefitted their organisation and staff performance. In evaluating the impact of training a positive impact was recorded on work productivity for 78 per cent of respondents, 77 per cent saw a positive impact on products and services which customer satisfaction and the ability to meet changing business needs featured for 66 per cent and 64 per cent of respondents respectively.


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