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Beware axing freelancers

Following the news that some of the BBC's biggest freelance stars could be asked to join the payroll PCG has called on BBC management to beware of the issues this move could bring.

According to PCG's Head of Public Affairs, Simon McVicker, a move to take freelancers into permanent employment could have huge implications for the organisation:

He said, "The broadcasting industry has always used freelancers extensively. This is because it is a model that works so well in an industry where highly skilled experts, both in front of and the behind the camera, are needed for projects of limited duration, often at short notice.

"Britain has developed world class expertise in this area, and the freelance model as at its core. Freelancers quickly build up a broad portfolio of skills through the variety of work they do and this suits the broadcasting industry perfectly.

"As the UK's biggest broadcaster, the BBC is right to make use of the freelance market to deliver its projects.  Rather than taking the retrograde step of pushing back against these vibrant, successful and rewarding working practices, the Government should instead be embracing it.

"If there are concerns about tax, it is the tax system that should be reformed, not the way these experts are working. Freelancers are helping the BBC to retain their position as one of the best regarded broadcasters in the world."



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