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England is leader in the field of flexible working

Survey results have revealed that 64% of organisations questioned in Englandsaid that they have implemented flexible working more than a year ago.

The survey also found that flexible working is increasingly becoming the norm in Western Europe. 

In Germany that is 57% and in the Netherlands 48%. Belgium lags behind with 38%, but is catching up. Belgium also has the most companies that are currently in the middle of rolling out flexible working.

The International Comparative Flexible Working Survey 2013 was carried out by BakkerElkhuizen, the specialist in ergonomic solutions for computer workstations,

400 HR professionals were questioned in Germany, England, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Organisations in Germany, Belgium and England implemented flexible working focusing primarily on staff.

In Belgium and England, organisations wanted to satisfy the needs of their staff for flexible working.

In Germany, & lsquo;higher staff satisfaction’ and & lsquo;changes in the external environment’ were the most important reasons for implementing flexible working.

In the Netherlands, the most important motivation for flexible working was conversely making cost-savings on buildings, accommodation and workstations. 


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