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Increase in flexi jobs in Bangalore

Flexi job vacancies are on the increase because the job market has slowed down. Estimates suggest about five million people are working as flexi or temporary staff in the organised sector. Recruitment experts say with employment rates having dipped, demand has increased for flexi jobs.

Rachna Saksena, executive board member, Indian Staffing Federation, says considering the existing job situation, there is a need to “revisit our approach to work options if we want to optimise returns. It is time to explore and experiment with different forms of work contracts that attract and include more workforce into the organised sector.”

Flexi jobs are jobs where candidates are on the payrolls of staffing firms, and not the firms they actually render services for.

Companies in sectors like e-commerce, retail, hospitality and healthcare are looking at adding flexi staff to handle their new or short-term projects.

In return, candidates get to work with big firms on project basis for short-durations of 18-24 months, and make some quick bucks, as well as get some much needed job experience. Starting salaries in the flexi market range between Rs8,000-Rs15,000 per month.

Experts say companies are hiring both graduates and undergraduates to work as attendants, data-entry operators, customer care executives, apart from roles in front-office, warehousing, in-shop, packaging, technical support and logistics.

“Flexi work environment encourages fresh graduates to transition into the mainstream job market,” says Saksena.

In other words, candidates finding it tough to get jobs with renowned firms can look at getting on the payrolls of staffing firms, and thereafter getting deployed on project basis for top organisations.

Moreover, after a decent stint in the flexi market, candidates can eventually move into the regular job market where they are on the payrolls and work for the same firms.




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