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Independent workers to celebrate National Freelancers Day

Tomorrow is National Freelancers Day (Thursday 21 November), a day celebrating the UK’s 4.2 million freelance workers. 

In the past year, the UK has seen a rise in the numbers freelancing from 4.1m in 2012 to 4.2m in 2013, (according to the ONS 2013). Freelancers also contribute roughly &pound202bn worth of sales each year, (Boox Report 2012) highlighting how important these workers are to Britain’s economic recovery.

Meanwhile, freelancers earned on average &pound50,820 in 2012 (Boox Report 2012), which is well above the median annual wage of &pound26,500 (ONS), showing that despite recent tough economic times, freelancers have bucked the trend of frozen or in some cases, falling salaries, meaning freelancing continues to be a lucrative move.

However, in this year, HMRC fined 850,000 people for failing to file their tax returns on time, incurring fines totalling more than &pound85mn. With the tax deadline soon approaching, helping freelancers keep on top of their finances to avoid such fines appears to essential.



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