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Marketing vacancies continue to grow

Research by Antal Russia has found that currently demand for marketing managers continues to grow.

This is mainly due to the rising value of such specialists in companies from every sector. FMCG is still one of the most active employees for brand marketing professionals.  Marketing in such companies has always been one of the leading functions so the growing demand is supposed to grow.

Pharma and Retail sectors are now also paying more attention to their marketing departments. The following areas are on the employers’ top preference list: 360 degree product development specialists, alternative sales channels professionals, and last but not least experienced digital marketers.

We witness overall instability of global economy slowing the average marketer’s salary increase down. The 2013 vs 2012 increase is 7% against 15-20% in 2012 vs 2011. Nevertheless the fear that the market will be soon saturated is premature – demand for the mid-level marketing managers is still substantially higher than supply.

“Nowadays almost every mid to top level recruitment agency searches Marketing candidates for the clients and in most cases this is done through a separate practice. Understanding clients’ business needs and market situation are the features which distinguish us as an agency. We actively handle even the & lsquo;hottest’ areas that are complex and need a specifically tailored approach such as Market Research and Category Management” – comments Ani Aristakesyan, Manager, Marketing practice at Antal Russia.

Brand Manager

Hiring activity in branding is booming due to high employee turnover and ongoing launches of new brands to the market, and of course brand manager is the most important specialist here. In tobacco and alcohol companies average salaries tend to be higher than in classic FMCG. We also now see more migration of marketers from classic FMCG to Consumer Electronics and B2B. Candidates with the FMCG background will be demanded by various sectors as generally being involved in a number of activities simultaneously they have good multi-tasking abilities and skillfully and innovatively use wide range of marketing instruments.

Trade Marketing Manager

Most of companies tend to have at least one employee responsible for trade marketing. Main requirements to a successful trade marketing manager are: minimum 3 year experience in and international or big Russian company, successfully completed projects that had a positive impact on sales, good understanding of Point of Sales Materials, experience in budgeting and creation of relevant partner incentive programs (planning and implementation of BTL activities). Among top attractive fields for candidates are Fashion Retail, Consumer Electronics and start-up projects.

Market Research Manager

Market Research is one of the newest disciplines within Marketing which showing enormous growth. Companies’ interest to market research specialists is rising very quickly despite of the fact that it’s still rather slim line specialization. This year job market overview shows that such specialists are mostly needed in tobacco sector. Usually some experience in an  FMCG company’s has a priority over relevant or economic education of potential candidates.

Digital marketing manager

Most of digital marketing professionals are still employed by marketing agencies. Instead of creating a new position with solely digital objectives, companies prefer to add the digital aspect to the Brand manager responsibilities or rely on the chosen agency’s help. This could be explained by the fact that digital marketing came to the Russian market less than a decade ago and though getting to the top of the agenda is still fresh and new to the Russian marketers.


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