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NowWeComply introduces security app

NowWeComply has introduced an automated ID Checker app that reduces fraud and compliance risks.

Checking ID for fraud protection or regulatory compliance can now be as simple as snapping a passport with your mobile phone’s camera for NowWeComply users, following the release of IDchecker in the Apps & Services store.

It provides a completely automated solution that protects organisations better by offering a smarter way to check ID, meet KYC requirements and maintain auditable evidence that compliance tasks have been properly carried out.

With the IDchecker app, users simply use a phone camera, scanner or document reader too scan a relevant document. Within a few seconds, IDchecker’s sophisticated digital fraud detection algorithms and OCR software recognise any fraudulent or invalid document.

At the same time, NowWeComply generates an instant digital record and populates it with the scanned data. This eliminates the effort of re-keying data and maintaining hard copy records, as well as the risk of errors or an untrained eye missing important detail.

IDchecker supports 3500 different types of passports, driver’s licenses and identity cards from every country on earth.

According to NowWeComply’s Ben Stoneham, this represents a comprehensive one-click answer to ID checking at a time when organisations are increasingly challenged to know who they’re dealing with, and prove it when required.

“It speeds up verification and eliminates doubt and delays because it’s all done instantly and automatically, face to face, when a contact produces the document required,” says Mr Stoneham.

IDchecker’s publishers reinforce this, saying that it transforms what can be sensitive, mundane and time-consuming manual procedures into a swift, simple and positive user-experience.

Priced on a simple cost-per-check basis, IDchecker electronically analyses up to 32 different factors and generates a & lsquo;pass, fail or refer’ report for each document. NowWeComply is also providing the enhanced-check option, which enables documents to be manually verified by trained inspectors online to UK Border Agency standard.

IDchecker is one of a host of apps that can be run from within NowWeComply’s Cloud-based compliance automation service, that enable the benefits of automated compliance tailored to particular business or operational environments.



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