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Recruitment Career Or Money

Is recruitment a suitable career for those who are hungry to make money quickly, or does it lend itself more to those who want advancement, progression and intrinsic job satisfaction? Let's take a look at the arguments and weigh up the facts.

In it for the money

For those outside the industry, recruitment can seem like an entirely commission-driven profession, powered by ambitious sales types who are simply keen to earn the big bucks. Undoubtedly, it is a great industry for skilled sales people who are keen to earn big and put in the effort to do so. As with other sales roles, recruitment is ideal for confident, hard-working self-starters who have a genuine passion for solving problems on behalf of clients, and enjoying the rewards in the process!

Starting salaries in recruitment are often far more generous than for other industries, particularly for graduate and entry level roles. The commissions and bonus structures are also extremely enticing, and top recruiters can earn six-figure sums.

Alongside the basic salary and bonuses, there are usually other very attractive perks, which will greatly entice those who love status and rewards. Many recruiters drive fancy cars and wear the best clothing, and they will entertain clients and customers at lavish venues. Entertaining clients can be a great perk, giving recruiters the chance to enjoy fantastic meals, drinks and sporting events for corporate hospitality purposes.

Agencies also tend to offer very attractive incentive packages to their top performers, with team bonding sessions, weekends away, corporate team-building events and celebrations common for top-performing recruitment agencies. The industry is built on success, visible signs of which are important to attract clients. Thus, recruiters can expect to receive all of these benefits, not least generous remuneration. But is that all there really is to the industry?

The case for a career in recruitment

Unabashed money chasing usually starts to wear thin as recruiters become more experienced. Most individuals with a passion for sales genuinely have excitement for winning at their 'game', with the money being just a perk. And what many people fail to realise is that recruitment is a very tough, challenging and tiring industry that demands great commitment from its people. Client entertaining may look like fun, but in reality it is still work even if the recruiter is enjoying the finest dining in lavish surroundings! He or she will be focusing on the client and never switching off. Make no mistake, it is still work and a highly demanding form of work.

Additionally, it is common for new recruiters who are simply chasing money to find that they lack the passion and willingness to learn that will make them truly excel in their field. Transaction sales for products are often easier because recruitment is a people-based industry that requires in-depth knowledge, an agile mind, creative thinking and a flexible attitude. The money on offer truly does reflect the skills required in this challenging yet rewarding industry, not to mention the effort that will be required to excel in it.

Genuine Passion

In fact, many recruiters surprise themselves by finding that they develop genuine passion for the industry, and their ability to do a great job. The most successful recruiters will usually nurture this passion. Those who simply chase money will lack the authenticity and drive to really do well in the industry, and may move to other, less involved and more transactional sales industries.

Recruitment involves real dedication and commitment, especially when it comes to getting to know your clients, nurturing those relationships and constantly finding new ways to solve their recruitment problems. Great recruiters will be driven by a desire to be the best for their clients and to provide an incredibly high standard of service, showing great pride in their work.

Ambitious recruiters will also find that there are attractive career paths in recruitment. An emerging field such as ERP offers superb opportunities for career development and advancement. For some recruiters, working on the road starts to lose its appeal as their personal circumstances change, and they value the chance to run an office, develop a new desk and train up the next generation of talent. Others decide to move into specialist or executive search roles, or even into corporate and in-house recruitment positions.

The skills gained in recruitment are highly transferable, and most agencies seek out talent to manage, lead and develop new desks and offices, particularly for emerging sectors, new overseas markets, and high-profile clients offering big contracts. There is always an opportunity to advance in the recruitment business, and a career can be long-lasting, rewarding and highly enjoyable, especially for those with the right motivation.

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