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Synergie announces Q3 results

Synergie has reported greatly increased earnings of &euro406.4 million for the third quarter of 2013 – taking total revenue for the year so far to more than &euro1.1bn.

The company's UK subsidiary is Welsh-based leading UK recruitment and training company Acorn.

In the third quarter of this year, Synergie witnessed a 7.3 per cent increase in sales across its operations in Europe and Canada compared to the same three months of last year, with Acorn recording the highest increase across all the international subsidiaries with a revenue increase of 23 percent.

Over the last three months, Acorn with branches across Wales, the West Country, the North West of England, London and the South East, has recorded its eight best revenue earning weeks in its 20-year history, with the uplift in business experienced in all its main sectors of industrial and manufacturing, technical and engineering, rail, IT, construction and trades, nursing and healthcare, commercial and office.

The Synergie Group reported revenue of &euro406.4 million for July, August and September of this year, compared with &euro378.7 million for the same period in 2012last year. Total turnover for the year to September 30 was posted at &euro1,109.8 million, with the group perfectly poised to achieve further gains in market share.

All Synergie subsidiaries contributed to the increased figures over the course of the quarter, with notable developments particularly in the UK with Acorn (23 per cent), Germany (18.3 per cent), Italy (14.2 per cent) and Belgium (13.4 per cent).

Matt Southall, Group Managing Director of Acorn, which has its headquarters at the Celtic Springs Business Park in Newport, said: “We are delighted that here in the UK the Acorn Group is continuing to make a significant and growing contribution to the ongoing achievements of Synergie.

”Supported by the continued international development of Synergie (including Acorn), which now represents 45 per cent of the Group’s activities, and by the capture of increased market share in France, Synergie should achieve a consolidated turnover in the area of &euro1.5 billion over the fiscal year, with a net improvement of its profitability.”



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