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Technical marketers on the rise

IT and marketing have been forming a close partnership for a number of years leading to the rise of a new type of technical marketer who keeps pace with changing technology and consumer behaviour, according to Hays, the leading recruiting expert.

Organisations are increasingly acknowledging that a successful digital marketing campaign will mean they have a clear understanding of how their customers operate online through the interpretation of data. This has led to the rapid rise of technical marketing with new opportunities created for those professionals with digital know-how.

Helen Moss, senior manager at Hays Marketing says, “The challenges and opportunities for organisations in the age of digital marketing are enormous and marketers must ensure they can guide and influence business growth through the ever-expanding digital channels. However, we have found that digital marketers are hard to find, attract and retain. As the demand for their skills increases in the future, this talent pipeline will come under even more pressure.” 

The rapid evolution of digital marketing is transforming organisational structures and is influencing business strategy. Moss added, “In the last couple of years we have seen the rise of Digital Managers with sole responsibility to manage the whole digital channel. These digital marketers need experience and expertise in e-commerce, SEO, PPC, affiliate marketing and social media, as well as transformative product and technology capabilities."



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