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Temp Holdings report robust numbers

Temp Holdings, one of the top 3 largest staffing forms in Japan, has reported a healthy six months for the period ending September 30th 2013.

Turnover was up 43% to &pound1.112b and the company reported operating income up an impressive 65% to &pound47.8m. Net income of &pound22.4m was up over the &pound21.2 recorded in the previous period.

On the back of the numbers the company has forecast that net sales for the year will be &pound2.329b up by almost 50% and net income will be up by just over 50% to &pound57.4m.

Temp Holdings is based in Tokyo and has almost 6,000 employees working in just over 300 domestic locations and 40 overseas locations spread across USA, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Since establishment, Temp Group's pursuit of its corporate mission of: "Creating jobs, individual growth and, contributing to society" has focused on contributing to society by addressing the needs of society and, directly tackling the reorganization of a flexible labor market.

Temp Group endeavors to simultaneously achieve stable yet fluid employment solutions, irrespective of the form of employment and various ways labour is used, or, if the client is part of a mature industry or growth industry. Temp Group strives for transfers of labor free from unemployment, supports the coexistence of employment and child rearing and, the realization of a diversity of work alternatives.

Moving forward, Temp Group aims to be part of the social fabric by, leveraging know-how and experience gained since its inception, endeavoring to be the ultimate partner in supporting clients development and, by providing employment opportunities to all those individuals wanting to work so they may actually experience the "joy of work".


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