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The 11th Northeast Asia Labor Forum

In cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Labour and Social Security (CALSS) and the Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training (JILPT), the KLI (Korea Labour Institute) held the eleventh Northeast Asia Labor Forum in Jeju, Korea, on November 1, 2013, on the topic “Women’s Employment: Current Situation and Policy Tasks.” Six presentations were given on the three countries’ current situations regarding women’s employment:

? Current situation of and countermeasures for women’s employment in China
? Women’s employment and issues of work-life balance support
? Current situation and policy tasks of women’s employment in Korea
? Changes in the female labor force participation rate and their impacts on employment in China
? Current situation of female part-time workers in Japan
? Characteristics and job quality of female part-time work in Korea

Begun in 2002 in Beijing with the objective of providing an arena for researchers and policy makers to explore labor issues in the three Northeast Asian countries, the Northeast Asia Labor Forum is held in one of the three countries each year, in rotation. The twelfth meeting, in 2014, will be held in Japan.


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