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UK PLC back on track says Omega Resource Group

Global recruiter Omega Resource Group says reduction in unemployed in the UK is a welcome sign of productivity and opens the door to hiring opportunities across manufacturing and service sectors but specialists will be in poll position ahead of generalists.

In the Prime Minister's speech given on Monday 11 November, David Cameron said, "It's increasingly high-skilled jobs that are so vital to our success in the global race." Omega Resource Group claim that in order for the UK to have such high-skilled jobs created and filled the UK requires two things: active businesses creating opportunities and active jobseekers searching for opportunities in skilled professions. The latest unemployment figures suggest that the UK is finally heading in the right direction.

Unemployment figures released this week reveal an all time low with jobseekers allowance claimants numbering 1.31 million, the lowest since January 2009. This represents a fall of 7.6%, although there is criticism over the amount of low-paid jobs which make up the statistics.

Additionally, infrastructure and manufacturing developments such as Hinckley C and HS2 demonstrate a craving for skilled workers on behalf of UK industry.

This infrastructure development and investment in manufacturing will offset the bad news received last week with BAe announcing job losses of over 1000 people. Rick Towers, Divisional Director of Omega Resource Group, commented: "the generalist days of employment are behind us and now more and more specific jobs and skilled workers at all levels are one of the key requirements as Britain gets back on its feet after four years of stagnation. Urgency within businesses to attract the talent required to support and fuel their growth plans coupled with candidate confidence to enter the labour market become increasingly important factors as we see sequential increments in confidence."

Rick Towers added: "Business confidence combined with the welcome boost in employment figures is potentially good news for the nearly 4,500 military personnel to be made redundant and about to enter the civilian workforce."

Omega Resource Group, which has expertise in defence and engineering last year launched an innovative partnership with the army to provide opportunities via a new organisation Omega Rifles. The new business connects employers with ex-military service personnel to fill positions that require specific leadership and management qualities.


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