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Voyager Software to host accounting webinar

For many in Recruitment the Accounts department, and what they do, is somewhat of a mystery.

Whilst you may not have noticed the overwhelming challenges faced by your friendly Accounts team the reality is that they’ve had to deal with unprecedented change in the last five years.   A plethora of issues and pressures including significant legislative changes for Payroll, a lack of financial support by the banks and an increased importance on cash-flow and forecasting have all come together to create & lsquo;the perfect Back-Office storm’.

There is no doubt that your Accounts department, regardless of business size and sector, have been working extremely hard to support you in your sales effort and whilst traditionally the Recruiter is quick to adopt new technology and change, that’s not always been the case when it comes to the Accounts and Payroll department. 

Voyagers Sales Director Paul Thompson asks “Should you be paying more attention to what goes on in the Accounts department?”

We all love winning new business, no more so than for the Contract and Temp market space where contracts often start with & lsquo;a few temps’ and can quite easily turn into a long-term customer worth many millions of pounds – but should more be done to involve the Account processes during the sale process?

It’s no surprise that the Accounts and Sales teams often sit at different ends of the office, or indeed different offices for that matter, but would spending a day with Accounts make you a better, more rounded, more business savvy Recruiter?  If you took a few moments to fully understand the complexities, processes and legislative issues they face would it allow you to target customers and prospects more accurately? 

Would your sales effort be slicker and more readily received if you were able to identify, bid and win the right business, ensure a smoother transition to your services and get the Invoicing paperwork right first time?  Do you involve Accounts in the Sales process?

Sadly for many Accounts departments the process is reactive and investment in technology sporadic at best.  For many Microsoft Excel is the tool of choice.  A placement is made on Excel (and checked), contracts raised (and checked), timesheets processed (and checked), invoices submitted (and checked) - you get the picture.  Add raising bespoke invoices in Word/Excel, running payroll, self-bill issues, compliance, commission statements and you’re beginning to enter the world of Accounts.   The cherry on the cake is that you get to repeat the process next week, and the week after.

Accurate real-time reporting is something all MDs and FDs expect from their Finance teams, but when systems are so fragmented is it realistic to expect so much, so fast?  

If you believe that technology should be as transformational for the Accounts department as it is for the Recruitment department – join the free webinar.

Dare you ask

1.       If a Recruiter is trusted to make placements, why can’t that extend to processing the timesheet?

2.       Would your client want placement ratios, time to fill info and automatic real-time back-office reporting?

3.       Should the Accountant or MD/FD be doing admin and processing timesheets? Or can technology allow a more appropriate resource to take responsibility?

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