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Zero hours staff to be offered contracted hours by company

Allied Healthcare today announced plans to offer contracted hours to 15,000 care staff currently on zero-hours contracts

The company believes that it has a responsibility to raise standards across the care sector. 

It will roll out care workers employment contracts with a guaranteed minimum number of hours from January, with all of its 15,000 staff being offered the opportunity to opt for contracted hours by April.

Darryn Gibson, chief executive of Allied Healthcare, said, "Recruiting, training and retaining the right people is key to those receiving care and to our business. We are raising standards across the sector.  Part of achieving this has to be our commitment to our care workers, so they in turn have the confidence to commit to a long term career in a caring profession.

"Today's announcement is the first in a range of changes that we propose to make to ensure that our care workers feel valued in their roles."

All Allied care workers already qualify for holiday and sick pay and many are part of a workplace pension, a career in caring can provide rewarding but highly flexible employment.  Whilst some care workers are full time, many prefer the opportunity to balance work with other personal commitments, whether it's working around school hours or during the evenings to accommodate other responsibilities.  In fact, over the coming year Allied Healthcare will be recruiting thousands of carers across the Country.

Gibson added, "Offering our care workers the opportunity of guaranteed weekly pay, and the ability to access financial services products that might otherwise not be available, will make a huge difference to their lives - and so it should, care workers make a difference to people's lives every-day."


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