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Ciett calls for government action on human rights abuse at UN forum

The private employment services industry is working closely with governments to work towards solutions to eradicate human rights abuses

Ciett (International Confederation of Private Employment Agencies) is leading two panel discussions at the second annual United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights 2-4 December 2013.

They are calling on governments to establish an enabling regulatory environment for the private employment services (PrES) industry as a way to eradicate human rights abuses through decent, quality work.

Ciett wants to ensure that this important issue remains at the forefront of business leaders and government’s considerations.

Every day Ciett and its members work towards the “Way to Work”, providing quality, decent work for all those that are employed through the PrES industry. This is aligned with Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states everyone has the right to free choice of employment. The PrES industry is committed to advancing people and businesses through decent work and the Forum will contribute to illustrate how PrES can offer a quality job for every person, as well as a person for every job.

Fred Van Haasteren, Ciett president, will be speaking on implementing the UN Guiding Principles in the employment and recruitment sector. He says “People are at the heart of the PrES industry and, at the annual UN Forum, we must take the opportunity to reflect on the positive foundations that are already in place and recognise the need to strive towards ensuring that human rights abuses are eradicated. In order to achieve this, more governments should ratify ILO Convention 181 on private employment agencies to provide regulated, decent work for all.”

David Arkless, Ciett vice-president, will be chairing a panel on preventing and addressing trafficking in persons in business. He says “Everyone has a right to free choice of employment. We believe that there is a job for every person and a person for every job. But it is more than that. It is about providing a safe, decent, quality job for every person. It is crucial that we tackle the appalling and widespread issue of human trafficking, which, up until recently, was under-reported and poorly understood. We must renew our call to governments to put in place the correct regulatory environments and put an end to the atrocity of modern day slavery.”

Last year during the first UN Forum, Ciett called on governments to establish an enabling regulatory environment globally. Ciett fully supports the ILO’s definition of decent work and the need to ratify and implement the core elements of ILO Convention 181 to achieve appropriate regulation. Looking at the ILO technical conventions adopted since 1990, Convention 181 is the 4th most ratified convention but more efforts should be made to promote it. The Forum provides an opportunity to discuss how to reiterate the commitments of the private employment services and ensure that business leaders and governments collaborate to put an end to human rights abuses.


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