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Gender divide in digital is shortening, says agency

Digital Marketing recruitment agency, ClockworkTalent, claims that it has seen an increasing number of digital marketing positions being filled by women, although there’s still a long way to go.

This follows the results of a study by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission which revealed the proportion of female directors of FTSE 100 companies has risen to 19 per cent, up from just 12.5 per cent two years ago.

During 2013, ClockworkTalent has seen almost 40% of its vacancies filled by women, a significant increase on 2012. These findings come as Germany announced that it is set to introduce legislation that will require German firms to allot 30 per cent of their non-executive board seats to women from 2016.

However, with ClockworkTalent witnessing an increase in the number of females securing positions, , the 2013 salary survey from the BrightonSEO Conference shows that above average earnings in the UK SEO industry are skewed in favour of men, whilst women’s earnings are considerably lower than the average wage. The research found that the overall average salary for men was in excess of &pound39,000 whilst women earned more than &pound10,000 less, with an average of &pound28,000.

Heads of Departments who are female receive &pound37,000 a modest figure when you compare it to men in the same position who earn on average &pound10,000 more at &pound47,000.

Natasha Woodford, ClockworkTalent Director comments: “Digital businesses are starting to recognise the benefits of gender equality with increasing numbers of females taking vacancies in the rapidly growing digital marketplace. This industry struggles to find quality talent and those employers who can attract female talent find recruiting so much easier. I can see the salary gap closing rapidly over the next few years and the market is going to deliver greater equality naturally.”

Speaking of the BrightonSEO Conference salary survey, Natasha continues: “Given that the gender pay gap materialises as you head towards the more senior roles, certain questions must be asked. For instance are these findings a result of men being more confident in their negotiation of pay raises or remuneration upon accepting a new job? Have women taken a career break to raise their children and has that prevented them keeping up to date with the rapid advance of technology? I’m not seeing that. One thing is for sure, I’m meeting some exceptional female digital agency leaders of tomorrow every day.”

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