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JPN Holdings announces Q3 results

The company which has divisions that cover staffing, outsourcing and childcare reported net sales of &pound31.5 million down from the &pound40.0 million reported from the corresponding quarter a year ago.

JPN made a net loss of &pound43K which was an improvement on the loss of &pound780K  recorded a year earlier. The company is forecasting net sales for 2014 of &pound44 million which they believe will results in a profit of &pound300,000.

Speaking on the outsourcing business, president, Hasuda TeruTakashi, said, "Outsourcing business are made ??in the form of temporary staffing business. The environment surrounding the temporary staffing industry, show a gradual improvement slope in the unemployment rate and the ratio of job offers to job seekers due to the improvement of corporate performance.  In response to that each employment-related indicator we will continue to improve, new job offers as well as magnification increases have remained generally good, Demand for the human resource service has also remained strong as a whole.

 Under these circumstances, with regard to public sector dispatch business, we aim to increase sales expand the business area  where we have entered into an agreement with local governments of 34 new destinations.  However, with regard to private dispatch business, we worked the accumulation of sales entered into an agreement with the 10 new destination, but cost savings and direct employment of at existing customers

 As a result, 2,502 one million yen sales of outsourcing business for the third three months ended June 30 (prior year the cost management thorough and operational efficiency, down 6.1% on year), operating income of 77.1% (year-on-year &yen 104 million I year-on-year)."


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