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Lawspeed ramps up its seminars on the new contractor tax consultation

Adrian Marlowe, MD of Lawspeed, said, “The consultation will have wide ranging ramifications for anyone involved in the agency supply industry and contracting. Although the document appears targeted to stop exploitation of lower paid workers pushed into self employment, the scope is far wider. It could affect all PSCs involved in contracting and the application of IR35, as well as PAYE, and those operating in the construction (CIS) sector.

“We feel this warrants serious attention as it could impact on hundreds of thousands of contract placements each year. We have always worked with the industry on issues such as this since the advent of IR35 in 1999, and with our experience and knowledge base we will bring our expertise to bear on this key development. Accordingly we are initially holding two seminars, one in London and the other in Manchester in January to explain the proposals provide analysis and gauge the potential impact. We would invite anyone interested in this area to attend."

To access this seminar series call 01273 236236 or visit Lawspeed's events page. 


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