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Morgan McKinley celebrates 25th birthday

Celebrating Morgan McKinley’s 25th anniversary today, CEO and founder, Pat Fitzgerald, said that Ireland’s leading recruitment consultancy will increase its efforts and investment of resources to further support the IDA's efforts to bring even more jobs to Ireland.

Currently, Morgan McKinley Ireland has a dedicated Inward Investment Team which, working in conjunction with the IDA, travels overseas to promote the availability of highly skilled talent in Ireland, advise on talent strategy and encourages foreign companies to set up their international operations in Ireland. Morgan McKinley also partners with FDI companies to recruit the best talent for their start-up/expansion in Ireland.

Founded in Cork in 1988, Morgan McKinley has since transitioned into a global organisation and employs over 640 people in 10 countries worldwide. Originally named Premier Group, it acquired Morgan McKinley five years ago to become a global market leader in professional services recruitment with 19 offices across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Speaking at its 25th anniversary, CEO and founder, Pat Fitzgerald, said, “For a quarter of a century we in Morgan McKinley have been championing the Irish labour market. The world now is a very different place to 1988 but Irish professionals have continuously met the challenges posed by ever-evolving market places. We have found that, particularly for foreign firms thinking of setting up operations here, our native workforce and access to a highly diverse and international talent pool is a considerable boon in attracting FDI companies.

“Morgan McKinley already has a team dedicated to Inward Investment which works with the IDA to bring companies here and to recruit Irish and international professionals for companies about to set up here. As we enter our 26th year, we will be investing further resources in this aspect of our business as we see huge growth potential”.

Fitzgerald added that he is proud that the company he founded continues to thrive, employing 215 people in Ireland and 641 worldwide, “I am delighted that an indigenous Irish firm can grow from one person in Cork in 1988 to become an international leader employing over 640 people in 19 offices across 10 countries.

“Key to our development has been the commitment to innovate and pioneer recruiting programmes which allow us to & lsquo;map the jobs market’ and build trusted relationships in a unique way that benefits both job seekers and employers alike. We will continue to use original and transforming programmes as we expand”.

Pat Fitzgerald, CEO


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