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New guide for recruitment agencies published

The guide, & lsquo;Economic prospects and trends for the staffing sector in 2014’, provides a broad perspective on the economic, technology and regulatory forces that shape the staffing industry.

In recent Q4s in some territories there was optimism that the turning of the year would see economic prosperity jump-started. However, the experience mostly failed to live up to the expectation. This has served to reinforce the uncertainty that has shaped the economic environment.

2014 looks like an entirely different proposition. In previous years the optimism owed a lot to positive thinking, but this time around there is much hard data to support the assertion that a sustained and widespread recovery is going to take hold. The guide assembles economic and financial desk research and it is intended to provide cues to staffing agencies about how to best adapt their businesses to the changing economic environment.

This publication provides a view of the global situation and using projections for next year attempts to determine how bright 2014 looks for the global staffing industry. It is not restricted to economics. It also looks at the trends for technology and compliance - both vital elements in understanding how the operating environment is going to develop.

The guide is available free of charge from the Etz Timesheet Solutions website.


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