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The Great Maximus Bake Off is a success

The company wanted to share their philanthropic approach with the public and accordingly caught up with director Satnam Brar, who explained all.

Satnam, what was the Bake Off exactly and why did the Maximus team choose to do it?

"If you don't know what a Bake Off is, you've probably been living somewhere well away from TV coverage and the media for the past year. The country has gone crazy for baking, including the team at Maximus IT recruitment!

"It is essentially a baking competition with an edge, and in this case, our team pitted their skills against each other to find the ultimate top baker at Maximus! Actually, there was very little edge. It was mainly just a chance for us to eat lots of cake, enjoy some friendly rivalry and raise essential funds for our charity of choice this year - so everyone was a winner!"

What made Maximus choose Great Ormond Street Hospital this year?

"Every year our team chooses a charity that they are passionate about supporting. It's really important that the choice comes from our staff, as they work so hard to fundraise and volunteer for the good causes that we support. Great Ormond Street Hospital was an easy choice. Not only is it a national institution that has been around since 1852, working to provide vital healthcare and treatment for sick children, it is also entirely reliable on private funding and charitable giving.

"Everyone at Maximus knew of the charity's work and profile, and some of us had direct links or experiences with the superb work that the hospital's staff carry out on a daily basis. We were delighted to choose Great Ormond Street this Christmas, and committed to really doing as much as we could to help their work!"

Tell us more about the Bake Off

"Well, we managed to persuade some celebrities to come and join us, so the bar really was set high. No pressure there! We had the winner of the 2013 Great British Bake Off, Frances Quinn, and Eric Lanlard, who was trained by Michel Roux's own father, and who owns the trendy CAKE BOY bakery today. Both Frances and Eric were there to judge the cakes, so there was no room for sunken sponges and dodgy icing!" We also had Recruitment Internationals Kevin Clements judging the cake too!!! 

Were there prizes on offer?

There certainly were. These are our top recruitment consultants remember, and the easiest way to get them to excel is to provide an incentive, and we certainly had some of those! The top prize was an afternoon tea and lunch at Eric's CAKE BOY patisserie, and second prize was as range of signed cookbooks by Mitch Turner, who is the genius behind the Little Venice Cake Company. Third prize was a rather tempting bottle of Moet."

How successful was the afternoon?

"It was superb fun and we managed to raise &pound300 that afternoon alone, just by selling cakes. The room was beautifully decorated and the cakes were stunning. It took all of our willpower not to dive in and eat them all straight away. There was also a really fun, supportive and friendly atmosphere which is really important to us at Maximus. All of our visitors and supporters enjoyed champagne, cakes and posh sandwiches, and we invited some guests from the other floors in our office to spread the fun!"

Is this a one-off piece of charity work, or part of a bigger approach?

"The latter, very much. We also did a present drive for Great Ormond Street Hospital this month and managed to send a great deal of presents for the children who will be treated there over the festive season. We've been working with the hospital's charity and community team to understand where they most need support, and tailoring our approach accordingly."

Why is community and charitable work so important for business?

"At Maximus we are really keen to have a positive impact in the communities they serve. This means that we work hard to deliver the best ERP recruitment services possible to our clients, but we also seek to have a wider impact and benefit in our delivery areas. Corporate Social Responsibility is a key delivery area for most modern businesses and describes the broader responsibilities and role that modern industry has in supporting charitable, ethical and not-for-profit organisations.

"Charity work also benefits our staff too however. It gets them excited and passionate about doing good work and often builds new skills and team working abilities. It really can benefit everyone involved, and I'd certainly recommend it to any other recruiter or business keen to foster a great working team spirit and morale within their organisation!"

So what's next for Maximus in 2014?

"Watch this space for further news! We have big plans on the business front and supporting plans on our charitable and CSR agenda front. Already we are proud to be a leading provider of specialist ERP recruitment services, and we have a superb client list who we are delighted to provide services to. The year ahead looks to be the best yet!"


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