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95% of people surveyed by by TipTopJob are looking for a new job

The survey asked over 1,000 users of the site.

January is always the month when people are determined to organise their life and set themselves goals for the year. Putting off finding a new job is the easy option as it can be a difficult process but in January when you are feeling motivated it is the best time to make things happen. has outlined the necessary steps that job hunters need to take in order to achieve their goal.

-          Firstly, you need to decide what job you want to progress into and determine where you need to be looking.

-          Secondly, you must re-vamp your CV/Resume and ensure that for every job you apply to, you tailor it to that role.

-          Thirdly, get applying. Don’t just sit there reading job descriptions and researching companies, make it happen!

-          Fourthly, keep on top of the process and follow up your applications. Clients are notorious for never responding to applicants due to the sheer number they get, so contact them and re-contact them.  

-          Finally, do not get disheartened. It is a difficult job market, so you may need to apply to many jobs before the right one comes along and you are accepted.



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