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Beach is ideal office view, survey finds

Pod Space - inspirational workspace survey analysis

National results, compiled 8th January 2014. Survey conducted amongst 1,023 people in the UK.

Which of the following views do you think would be the most inspirational, from a workplace window? 
&middot         Beach / sea view                                                                                                             38%

&middot         Rolling hills / countryside                                                                                             35%

&middot         On to a forest                                                                                                                   13%

&middot         Sprawling cityscape                                                                                                         12%

&middot         Vehicle access routes / on to the open road                                                       4%

Which style of furniture would make you feel the most inspired in the workplace? 
&middot         Contemporary and colourful furniture                                                                   27%

&middot         Luxury and leather furniture                                                                                       26%

&middot         Reclaimed / antique furniture                                                                                   22%

&middot         Standard, no-frills office furniture                                                                           14%

&middot         Chrome / space age furniture                                                                                 11%

Which modern convenience do you believe would most fuel creativity and productivity in the workplace? 
&middot         Coffee machine                                                                                                                               40%

&middot         Shared music system                                                                                                     28%

&middot         Interactive whiteboard                                                                                                 14%

&middot         Designated brainstorm area (high tables, no chairs to

promote creative thinking)                                                                                       10%

&middot         Games console                                                                                                                 8%

Which style of partitioning between colleagues would keep them as focused and as enthused as possible, in your opinion? 
&middot         No partitioning but separate workspaces / desks etc.                                     40%

&middot         Desk partitioning to eye level                                                                                     20%

&middot         Floor to ceiling partitioning between each employee                                     16%

&middot         No partitioning and shared workspaces for multiple

&middot         employees to work from at any one time                                                             13%

&middot         Remote working - each employee works from their

&middot         own home and uses voice / video calls as necessary                                       11%

What single item or feature in your workspace would help keep you the most inspired and motivated? 

Recurring requests:       a cat, photographs, a jukebox, a hammock, plants, a comfy chair,

inspirational posters e.g. & lsquo;You can do it – believe in yourself!’

Anomalies:                         a buffet, a model of the Starship Enterprise, pictures of White Snake rock singer David Coverdale.


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