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Bilingual systems boost public sector recruitment

At the Cardiff City Hall event, Peta Davies, head of resourcing from the Welsh Government, and Andrew Downie, job analyst from Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT), both showed how bilingual recruitment and refined e-Recruitment processes have yielded good results for their organisations.  

Davies explained that offering a bilingual recruitment system not only ensures Welsh speakers are not discriminated against, but also helps promote the Welsh language, making the recruitment process easier for people from all sections of the community.  Running a bilingual recruitment process has also helped to build the Welsh Government’s reputation as an inclusive employer and an employer of choice.

Building on this theme, Downie outlined the recruitment objectives which RCT, the second largest local authority in Wales, had set for 2012. These included promoting the Welsh language, using multiple job boards, increasing the number of candidates applying for jobs and improving the quality of their experience when they do.  RCT was also focused on refining the recruitment processes and procedures, which it deploys.

Downie detailed how using WCN’s e-Recruitment system has for the first time allowed all RCT vacancies and communications to be available in both English and Welsh. This has boosted online applications and improved the candidate’s experience. As a result, 88% of applications are now received online which is a 15% increase, furthermore 96% of candidates rated the application process as good to excellent. Feedback from recruiters has been positive too, with the new system delivering reductions in administration, time and cost to recruit.

According to Khelil, head of global sales at WCN, the experience of RCT and the Welsh government show that it is possible to both reduce the cost of hire and improve the candidate’s experience.

“The two need not be mutually exclusive. There are many ways that technology can reduce recruitment costs - through automation, redeployment, enabling internal mobility and by making it easy for organisations to introduce a talent bank.  Also integrated social media, video interviewing, online testing and online offer management with onboarding are further e-Recruitment-enabled ways to reduce hire cost”.

Public sector guests at the event asked if such cost-cutting compromised the security of the recruitment system. In particularly, how recruiters can be sure people are who they say they are, if online applicants rapidly increase?

Khelil responded, “The system is extremely secure. Even when accessibility makes the volume of applicants rapidly rise, their authenticity can still be verified. For instance we suggest advertising that candidates will be randomly re-assessed for online tests, plus stating that additional checks will be carried out on all candidates.”


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