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Ed Miliband comments about agency workers misleading, says REC CEO

Green says, “It is wholly misleading of Ed Miliband and the TUC to describe pay between assignment contracts (PBA), also known as Swedish Derogation, as a loophole or as anything to do with immigration.

“These arrangements are part of the 2010 Agency Workers Regulations that were agreed following consultation between the last Labour government, business and the unions and apply to British and non-British workers. Workers on PBA contracts are employed by their agency on a permanent basis, giving them greater security and all the benefits that come with permanent work such as protection from unfair dismissal, maternity leave and statutory redundancy pay. Is the Labour party really saying they want to deny British temps the option of permanent employment?

“The pledge to ban recruiters from only advertising vacancies overseas is a ridiculous straw man. It is already illegal to do this. Ed Miliband has made this accusation against our industry before, we have asked to see any evidence that it is occurring and he has failed to produce any. It’s an unwarranted slur on the UK’s professional recruitment businesses who helped more than 600,000 people find new permanent jobs last year and on any given day place 1.1 million temps into work.”


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