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IOR launches online practical certificate in agency recruiting

The Institute of Recruiters (IOR) has launched a new certificate in agency recruiting which it claims, when compared to other recruiting qualifications, delivers the best curriculum, return on investment and learning experience on the market. The Professional Certificate in Agency Recruiting (IOR Cert) consists of the certificate in the principles of recruitment plus extended learning, part-qualifying the learner in HR.

The qualification, a level-3 certificate delivered online and starting on the 28th January (available at containing seven units of study, covers specialist recruitment techniques as well as comprehensive tuition in the services a business requires from a recruitment consultant. It’s been created by industry experts and provides learners with the practical knowledge and skills needed to perform the fundamental responsibilities of the modern recruitment professional.

Says IOR director-general Azmat Mohammed, "An agency recruiting qualification that really gets under the hood of what recruiters should know, and brings agency recruiters up to the level of in-house and HR was well overdue. How can recruiters be more successful and better serve their clients if the industry qualifications available to them are poor and don't transfer the right knowledge?”

Azmat Mohammed adds, “Recruiters have been severely let down by the quality and usefulness of recruiting courses they have paid good money for, with little return on investment. The IOR qualifications are designed to change all that. I urge recruiters to compare our qualifications with others on the market before making a choice. The difference is obvious."

“Qualifications in the recruiting sector have always been more about getting letters after your name and not really about a rich learning experience, hence they have been cheap, quick to do and with low standards of learning,” says Gavin Chase, senior partner at CNA Executive Search, the executive search arm of the Pertemps Group, the largest independent recruitment business in the UK. “This has not been good for the industry,” Chase adds, “The IOR is changing this and has produced a new qualification with much better content, empowering recruiters to be far better at their role – members of my team are already lined up to take this qualification.”

“What may come as a surprise to seasoned recruiters is they won’t have heard of many concepts covered in the IOR qualification – meaning it really offers something different,” says Chase, “So it’s a welcome introduction to an industry that was crying out for a new, high-quality respected qualification.”

The qualification is available at delivered online and starting on the 28th January.


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