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JAC Recruitment Announce Improved Figures

1. Analysis of results of operations and financial condition

of the Company's group segment in the management units and bases are included by company. It should be noted that, during the consolidated fiscal year

2002, and was December 27, 25. We have obtained all of the shares, and Consulting Co. , Ltd. is the

only consolidated balance sheet.

(1) Analysis of results of operations

during the consolidated fiscal year ended March 31, Japan's economy is economic recovery in Japan and the United States, and the further depreciation of the yen, and the firms who

desire improvement in November, while the ratio of job offers to applicants is approximately 1 times for the first time in six years, was recovered. In addition, the business performance of the group

during the day, and high level of expertise and high employment opportunities of business to shift to the reality of the needs of the market, and their sales are almost plan

progress along with sales.

The fiscal year of the Company's management group, in the last three years, the company has been working on the following "PPP &I" as the basis

, and the strength to be based on a solid foundation in film (Consolidation) and also for the business expansion (Expansion) are also to be the "

Consolidation Expansion and company and has been pursued as a keyword.

1Productivity "The productivity gains."

"profit of 2 Profitability absolute amount and increase profitability."

3Professional "human resources."

4International consultant's professional and "Japanese companies overseas affiliates of foreign-owned companies, jobs, Jobs" and "strengthening of Global Human Resources area

," Consolidation 3 in the "Professional" was set forth in the further pursuit of the "production

" has been working to promote. In addition to the 4, we have set out regarding the International area close to the overall

rate of increase steadily, with company-wide to improve the productivity of you can lead. "The Japanese companies overseas-related job" will continue to

ensure high sales growth and the "job" is a foreign company that was established in FY 23 foreign companies in recruiting experts strategic subsidiary JAC

International was established in the third year, net profit for the company, but also to contribute to ensure steady growth can be


"Expansion" concerning the economic developments related to the new promising sectors while advancing into existing areas for growth, and will continue to, etc.

. In October, at the head office in Tokyo to Internet-related companies in specialized departments, but also in the manufacturing sector, in particular, we will

have to put on the "Foreign Workers", "energy, infrastructure and plant" and "Advanced Engineers" of the three teams, as well as the establishment in November,

the accounting profession, the Osaka Branch specializing in new department was established. And in December, the foreign companies

who want to be in the center and the career site cross, Inc. , which operates the sea and sea and consulting to acquire all of the remaining shares by the wholly owned subsidiary that is

. The Company and the company's human resources in the industry to focus on International Area Point to the common, and the advertising and recruiting

a different business model from that you are expanding, and mutually complementary ???????? can deliver.


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