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Lloyd's Register chooses Video Arts resource to help its managers recruit expert staff

Lloyd's Register has created a purpose-built Global Technology Centre on the University of Southampton's campus, which will provide a centre of excellence for innovation, research and development for the global marine community. The company is relocating its marine headquarters from London to the new site and has created a recruitment programme to appoint around 200 new staff.

"We've always had a very low level of staff turnover, so many of our managers have not had much experience in interviewing and recruiting," said Anne-Marie Krivonjeva, Recruitment Lead for the Southampton Programme at Lloyd's Register. "We now need to add to our team of global experts so we felt it was important to equip our managers with the skills to recruit the best people."

Lloyd's Register designed an e-learning course covering employment law and the principles of recruitment. It also developed a one-day interview skills workshop to explain the practicalities of selection and how to conduct effective interviews. The workshop uses clips from the Video Arts film Behavioural Interviewing, which shows how past behaviour is key to predicting future performance. Starring James Nesbitt and Kris Marshall, the film highlights how questioning techniques can be used to understand how a candidate has behaved in similar situations previously.

"We highlight the theory with e-learning but we use the workshop to put that theory into practice," said Anne-Marie Krivonjeva."“We use clips from Behavioural Interviewing to independently reinforce our key learning points. This makes the training more memorable as participants can see the techniques in action. It also helps us to structure the session, as we can make a point, highlight the skill and the theory behind it and then show it in action. This has proved to be a very powerful approach and it certainly keeps people's attention."

"There were different ways we could have accessed the Behavioural Interviewing training film from Video Arts, but I chose to use their ON&gtDEMAND platform as it means I can use the video as I need to," said Anne-Marie Krivonjeva."“For one thing, I can easily create my own clips from the film to illustrate the specific points I want to make. The platform also means we can allow managers to watch the full film on any device, even their mobile phones, for refresher training just before they conduct an interview. This makes the learning easily accessible and we can monitor the take up."

Hosted by Video Arts, the ON&gtDEMAND platform requires no special IT infrastructure. It enables learners to instantly stream and watch their chosen videos on any device and operating system. The interface has built-in responsive design for optimal display on any PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Learners can also download any training film to watch offline. 



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