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Q4 ends 2013 on a high as employment appetite continues

Key findings reveal impressive figures in regards to job seeking activity, with Q4 showcasing a continually developing appetite for employment among UK job seekers.

Q4 delivered more job searches than any other period throughout the year. Compared to Q3, when search figures were previously at their highest, Q4 delivered 2.54% more job searches. Year-on-year, there were 101.12% more job searches made during Q4 2013 than in the same period in 2012.

Alongside positive growth in job searches, the report also reveals strong job application numbers. Q4 delivered the second-highest conversion rate for job searches to applications for the year, with one in nine searches converting to an application. Year-on-year, 82.28% more job applications were made during Q4 2013 than in the same period in 2012.

The top three industries according to applications-per-job were administration (71.39), customer services (49.24) and retail (39.96).

Q4 also delivered more 'on the go' job seekers, with the number of applications made from mobile devices growing 5.91% compared to Q3, when mobile job applications were previously at their highest. Year-on-year, this growth stands at an impressive 173.97%.

Commenting on these findings, CV-Library's Managing Director Lee Biggins said: β€œQ4 delivered notably strong figures in regards to job seeking activity, demonstrating positive growth for CV-Library and the UK job market as candidates' demand for jobs continues.

β€œIt's promising to read such positive figures as we enter a new year, in particular Q1 which is often a busy period for the UK job market.”

The full report can be viewed here: market-report-january-2014.html


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