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REC responds to Shadow Business Secretarys accusations against recruiters

Tom Hadley, director of policy and professional services at the Recruitment and Employment Confederation said,

“Profiteering is a very serious allegation and we would like Mr Umunna to share any specific evidence he has to support these accusations against our members.

“Let’s be clear, employment agencies are not doing anything wrong by offering workers the opportunity to purchase accident insurance. It’s a product that many other organisations offer to their members, including trade unions.

“Personal accident cover can be appropriate for workers in high risk sectors such as rail and construction and can also cover them for accidents off-site that would prevent them from working, and provides them with an income whilst off work. By offering these benefits employment agencies are giving temp workers the same kind of support as that enjoyed by permanent contracted employees.

“As the professional body for the recruitment industry in the UK we require all our members to abide by our code of conduct which requires them to be open and transparent with their workers. Anyone concerned can contact us and we have a robust complaints process for handling agency workers’ concerns and ensuring agencies are compliant with the both law and best practice.”


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