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Recruiters held back by a lack of quality candidates

The Mercury xRM software developer polled 88 businesses from its recruitment partner network to find out what the biggest obstacles were to growing sales.

Just under half of those polled (42%) said that a lack of quality candidates was their biggest growing pain with 21% being buried by too much administration. 

A lack of clients, low placement fees and too much competition were also cited as large obstacles to growing sales with 17%, 16% and 15% of responses respectively.

The answer, according to recruiters, is to pick up the phone. Eleven per cent of recruiters said that simply putting time aside to get on the phone and speak to prospective new clients was the best way of overcoming obstacles to growth.

Nine per cent of recruiters said that perseverance would eventually pay off and the best way of overcoming obstacles to sales growth is to keep at it and never give up.

Only two per cent of recruiters said that improving market knowledge and setting more achievable goals were key to growing sales.

Crimson recently released the next generation of its innovative rapid recruitment solution Mercury xRM to the recruitment market a tool that promises to source hundreds of high quality candidates to fill any position in less than 30 seconds. And while technological innovations like Mercury xRM can help to fill a void for quality candidates and help recruiters to reduce their administration time, there are other tips that recruiters can follow to streamline their recruitment processes and work smarter.

Mark Britton, marketing manager at Crimson, is urging recruiters to do everything they can to 'work smarter' in 2014. He said, “We understand that recruiters have a lot to do every working day and that is why we developed Mercury xRM, to help them fill more vacancies, more quickly, more efficiently, which will enable them to get on with other parts of their job. But there are other things recruiters can do to work smarter too and these are what we are revealing in our guide for recruiters.

“Simple little tasks like planning your work day, coming up with an effective work schedule and checking emails every few hours instead of having them visible throughout the entire day can really help to recover time lost during the day.”



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