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Robert Half reveals biggest IT salary increases

The findings of the Salary Guide echo a report from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) that employment in the IT industry grew 5.5% between 2009 and 2012, more than three times faster than the UK average. Directors are already reporting IT skills shortages and challenges in finding IT professionals, particularly in software/applications development, infrastructure, cloud technology and security.

The trend is being driven by the need for organisations to remain commercially focused, looking to enhance employee productivity by updating desktop and business applications while also investing in customer-facing initiatives to provide a dynamic online experience. According to e-skills, half of firms[2] blame IT skills gaps for delays in developing new products or services, thereby hindering further plans for growth.

Phil Sheridan, senior managing director of Robert Half Technology, said, “Technology is a key element in the recovery of the UK economy, whether it’s supporting new propositions or helping to improve business operations.  Candidates with the most sought after skills are receiving multiple job offers and employers looking to secure the industry’s top talent are finding that lengthy interview rounds are prompting their top choices to accept competing offers.

“Companies will use technology to grow their businesses as we emerge from the economic downturn: candidates with a strong sense of commerciality and business acumen as well as technical skills are increasingly called on to manage product development lifecycles and deliver business solutions.”

The Robert Half 4% club: IT salaries that will rise by 4% or more between 2013 and 2014 


UK 2014 salary range

London 2014 salary range

% rise over 2013

Database/Business Intelligence Developer

&pound40,000 - &pound63,500

&pound51,500 - &pound82,000


Web Designer

&pound38,500 - &pound52,500

&pound50,000 - &pound67,750


Information Security Manager

&pound65,000 - &pound90,500

&pound83,750 - &pound116,750


Information Security Officer

&pound40,000 - &pound65,250

&pound51,500 - &pound84,250


Mobile Applications Developer

&pound33,500 - &pound62,500

&pound43,250 - &pound80,750


Best paid roles in information technology


UK 2014 salary range

London 2014 salary range

% rise over 2013

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

&pound120,500 - &pound230,000

&pound155,500 - &pound297,000


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

&pound79,750 - &pound150,250

&pound103,000 - &pound193,750


Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

&pound75,000 - &pound134,500

&pound96,750 - &pound173,500


Chief Architect

&pound78,750 - &pound143,500

&pound101,500 - &pound185,000


IT Director

&pound89,250 - &pound120,750

&pound115,250 - &pound115,750


IT Manager/Head of IT

&pound77,000 - &pound108,500

&pound99,250 - &pound140,000


Attracting the right IT skills is only half the battle, says Robert Half.  Retaining in-demand IT professionals for the long term is the other - and often more difficult - challenge.  Robert Half Technology has provided the top perks to retain IT talent, helping hiring managers improve their employer brand. :

1.    Professional development:technology is always evolving so investment in up-skilling is essential for IT professionals

2.    A green approach:many IT professionals, particularly from Generation Y, want to work for an employer that is environmentally responsible

3.    Generous family leave:balancing work and family demands is always tricky for busy IT professionals working long hours and weekends

4.    Flexible annual leave policies:many IT professionals find that they are at their most creative outside of core hours.  Many tech firms and start-ups are allowing staff to take as much or as little annual leave as people need – as long as outputs and deliverables are met

5.    On-site health services:IT professionals working long hours in front of a computer screen know the value of accessible health services

6.    Fresh food:free or low-cost healthy snacks are now expected by many IT professionals

7.    Travel abroad opportunities:many IT professionals want to travel abroad and appreciate the opportunity to do so


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